Suffolk Open Studios (SOS) 2017

Lorette is among a number of Artists in Suffolk who open their Studios free to the Public in June each year to show their work. Most studios, including Loretteʼs, are open on Saturday and Sunday on each of the four weekends in June from 11am to 5pm. She is part of ʻThe Art Around Framlingham Trailʼ which also features other nearby (SOS) artists, namely:

SOS Artist No 92
Alan Williams
NOT open on 1st and 3rd w/e
SOS Artist No 93
Clare Gaylard
Lampwork Glass
open on all 4 w/e
SOS Artist No 98
Jayne Stansfeld
open on all 4 w/e
SOS Artist No 99
Robin Soldan
open on all 4 w/e
SOS Artist No 101
Jillifar Amor
Paint and Textiles
ONLY open 24/15 in June

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At Last, Lorette will have a permanent studio!

The Art-Space should be up and running within the next few months - nine years after moving from a flat in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong into a rambling farmhouse in Suffolk. During the renovations of this sixteenth century house, there have been nine temporary studios, moving from one room to the next as the improvement gathered pace!  

Each time the studio area got better and better and Lorette found it easier and easier to work.

This is how the proposed art-space looked nine years ago

While the Studio is being completed, classes/workshops are being held in a new room with huge windows that links the old farmhouse to the Victorian farm buildings.

Watch out for the 2016 Programme which will be posted in mid-January and for Lorette's sketches of the metamorphosis from cowshed to Art- space.